The Active Ocular Board A Kinepod, used in orthoptic rehabilitation, makes the eyes stronger and more resistant to fatigue.

It strengthens the oculo-motor muscles, re-educates the coordination and proprioception of the eye muscles, and acts on the posture in a descending chain.


Level of difficulty: Level A is the first level of difficulty, recommended for beginner users.


How it works:

The Active Ocular Board A Kinepod is placed in front of the patient's nose, either horizontally or vertically, depending on the desired muscle work.

The patient must visualise two intersecting lines on two points of the same colour. The patient should try to move the intersection of these two lines to the other points, in order to work on the convergence and divergence of the eye. It is important to know that it is easier to work with the central line at the beginning, and then with the other lines (top, bottom, right, left), to increase the difficulty.


This work can be done for a maximum of 20 minutes per day.


Note: if the patient is unable to cross the two lines and can distinguish these lines separately, it is advisable to start by working on one side only (by closing or hiding the opposite eye).


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