The Plantar activator Tedop is a patented proprioceptive insole recommended by most posturologists, podiatrists and orthopaedists.


It is suitable for:

- normal feet,

- moderate flat feet,

- hollow feet,

- universal feet,

- slightly pronated feet.


It can also be combined with a strap (optional), which will increase its effects and act on the ankle.


The Plantar activator Tedop is multi-functional and can act on:

- posture (proprioceptive rebalancing adjusting the posture in the upward chain), 

- the relief of foot pain (plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, metatarsalgia, hallux valgus, talalgia, tibial periostitis, ankle instability...), but also knee, hip, back and neck pain

- stimulation of the foot muscles,

- cushioning (anti-shock soles) and propulsion,

- comfort, for sensitive feet (diabetics, neurological diseases...).


This postural insole is recommended by many health professionals:

- podiatrists and orthopaedists: proprioceptive stimulation of the foot, muscle inhibition or stimulation depending on the placement of the elements, podal rehabilitation,

- physiotherapists/physiotherapists/posturologists-orthokinesists: proprioceptive re-education of the foot and ankle by adding straps, ankle re-education (sprain), orthopaedic postural re-education (addition of straps encompassing the posture)

- Osteopaths/chiropractors/posturologists-orthokinesists: postural rehabilitation to release loss of mobility (blockages) caused by a dysfunctional foot.


Product details

The insole is composed of 3 elements:

- a corrective base with shape memory (active arch support),

- central stimulating and postural elements (allowing a readjustment of the centre of gravity),

- a shock absorbing heel element, composed of a modular recess to relieve talalgia (heel spur).


The Tedop postural insole is modular to be personalised: the elements can be placed in different places according to the pathologies and needs (under the advice of a therapist working with the products).


The sole coating provides proprioceptive stimulation and good cushioning. The velvet underneath absorbs moisture.


Patented product - CE medical

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