The Active Buccal Teat is an active mouthpiece for children aged 2 to 5 years that allows:

- replace the thumb and traditional teats,

- strengthen the muscles of the mouth in balance,

- stimulate and help the tongue to position itself on the palate (thanks to its central inclined plane and the absence of a suction tip),

- stimulate the growth of the bones of the mouth (through its functional action).

This multi-functional dental activator for children is recommended and used by many health professionals:

- Dentists for functional orthodontics (straightening of the teeth),

- speech therapists/logopedists/logopedists, to improve the functions of phonation, swallowing, breathing and chewing,

- physiotherapists/physiotherapists/posturologists-orthokinesists, for maxillofacial and postural rehabilitation,

- osteopaths and chiropractors/posturologists-orthokinesists, for postural re-education in order to free mobility losses (blockages).

For people with significant oral deformities (retrognathia or pronounced prognathia) or oral pathologies, please consult your dentist so that he or she can customise a product from the dental range.

The Active Buccal Teat is made of silicemed (medical silicone) and contains no bisphenol or phthalates.

Case delivered with the orthosis.

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