The Active Oral Orthosis Kinepod is a multi-functional dental activator, which allows to act on:

- snoring, 

- bruxism (clenching of teeth),

- the relaxation of the jaws (TMJs),

- strengthening of the muscles of the mouth (maxillofacial re-education),

- posture (proprioceptive rebalancing, adjusting the head carriage),

- migraines and headaches,

- protection of teeth during contact sports.


The Kinepod dental splint is made of a flexible material. It can be used for orthodontic rehabilitation, but also for respiratory rehabilitation, as it does not have a front opening (forces nasal breathing).


Use of the Kinepod dental activator:

- passively: at rest, dental activator in the mouth, to relax the jaws,

- actively (exercises): to work the maxillofacial muscles and balance the jaws. Exercises of 5 to 20 minutes per day: soft chewing, protrusion (front-back movement of the jaw) and left and right diduction (lateral movement of the jaw).


The Active Oral Orthosis is recommended and used by:

- Dentists in functional orthodontics (straightening of the teeth),

- Speech therapists/logopedists/logopedists, to improve the functions of phonation, swallowing, breathing and chewing,

- physiotherapists/physiotherapists/posturologists-orthokinesists, for maxillofacial and postural rehabilitation,

- osteopaths and chiropractors/posturologists-orthokinesists, for postural rehabilitation to release loss of mobility (blockages).


Product details:

Made of Silicemed (medical silicone), without bisphenol or phthalates.

Case delivered with the orthosis.



We do not recommend the use of the Active Oral Orthosis for people

- suffering from epilepsy or convulsions (because it forces them to breathe through their nose),

- with significant tooth mobility or tooth loosening (for example, an incisor that is significantly longer than the others - a difference of more than 3 mm - can be a sign of tooth loosening),

- have significant oral deformities (retrognathia or pronounced prognathia) or oral pathologies. In this case, please consult your dentist to obtain the dental range, which can be adapted to your needs.


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